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The American Nightmare of John Petro Forakis - Part 7

As we read in part 4 of this series, Forakis and his family could not afford a second trial, even though they tried so hard by selling their farming equipment, crops, and livestock.

Forakis was sentenced to 15 years at the McNeill Island federal prison. He passed away alone in his cell, 517 days (a month less than a year and a half) into his time served, on Thursday, January 18, 1945, due to a 6-day-long battle with appendicitis. The prison doctors were ordered not to treat Forakis, which caused even more stress to his body and resulted in a heart attack.

Forakis' body was transported back to Utah, where he was buried at the Roosevelt Memorial Park located in Roosevelt, Duchesne County, Utah.

Today August 15th, just happens to be John Forakis' birthday and,

coincidentally, a religious holiday in Greece.

"Αιώνια η Μνήμη"

(Memory Eternal)

Special thanks to the Forakis family for allowing Rízes Hellenic Genealogy Research to share John Petro Forakis' story with the global Greek community. We extend our heartfelt condolences to you.

All citations are available upon request.

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