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scribbled writing depicting a letter written by someone.

Free One (1) Hour Consultation

Paleographic Transcription Services (old handwritten letters, etc.)

Translating foreign records (marriage licenses, etc.)

Dual Citizenship Assistance

Photographic Services of Ancestral Homes

DNA Test Interpretation

Lineage Discovery Services

Ask us which DNA test is right for you

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Greek Family Search LLC of New York, d/b/a Rizes Hellenic Genealogy Research™, is not a law firm of any kind and is not liable nor responsible for any results of the dual citizenship process or any other legal services that its partners provide. All work our partners perform is subject to the contract signed between them and the client. There is no guarantee of any kind that Greek Family Search LLC of New York, d/b/a Rizes Hellenic Genealogy Research™ will find what the client seeks in its processes. By signing the genealogical contract agreement, the client understands that negative results and negative findings are a common thing in any genealogical service or process and cannot hold any researcher liable no responsible or accuse them of poor work ethic if the researcher did not find what the client hoped could be found. We do not conduct adoption-related genealogical research of any kind, and we will suggest a third party as an alternative.

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